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January Jump-Start

Online Poetry Experience:

January 2017


A lot of people have told me that the election and the flurry of disturbing news that has followed in its wake have pretty much killed their writing.  SO, in conjunction with WTAW Press, I will be offering an intensive generative course during the month of January for everyone who chose “Starting writing again” as their New Year’s Resolution (and everyone else).  The class will be priced at an all-time low of $100.  Two scholarships will be made available for interested parties for whom this price is a barrier (email me at the address listed below).

The course will be designed for both beginner poets who would like to explore poetry for enjoyment and personal interest (or the need for new expressive outlet as of late) – along with anyone who would like to return to writing poetry after our period of collective shock.  It will exclusively involve generating new poems.  

Participants will receive model poems from me with description of key themes and analysis, along with detailed instructions for creating their own poems in response.  We will write two new poems a week on a flexible, asynchronous schedule, meaning you will not have to log on at a particular time of the day or week.  

This is not a critique-based class.  Responses to others’ poems will be voluntary and strictly complimentary.  This class will be a safe space for people to explore or reconnect with their creative life, to write back against the hate crimes and intolerance we are currently experiencing, and to celebrate the diverse backgrounds and viewpoints that actually make America great.  Therefore, all model poems for this course will be chosen from poets belonging to groups that have been targeted with crimes and abuse since the election, and trolls will be ejected posthaste.


We will have four one-week sessions that will begin on Sunday and end on Saturday.  On Sunday and Wednesday, I will email a model poem with discussion and a detailed exercise.  During the following three days, everyone will work on a poem.  I will organize the class into teams of around five members, and everyone will send each poem to their team.  Complimentary responses will be optional, but the primary focus of this class will be to enjoy writing again within a supportive community


Sunday, January 1 through Saturday, January 28 (Plus a surprise twist at the end!)


A computer and internet connection, an email account, 5 hours a week, and a desire to explore or “jump-start” poetry and your own creative process and unique voice.

Cost & Registration

$100 paid via PayPal to by Friday, December 30.


Former Students say…

“This class was an extremely positive experience and opened my eyes to a wider world of poetry and to new ways to approach my writing. It was specific to beginners; however, I would recommend it to writers of any level who want to expand their poetry writing skills. It was well worth the price. The class delivered on its goal of introducing various forms of poetry and it allowed me to explore them in my own writing. The class was well regimented with assignments and deadlines. We were kept on task and I accomplished a great deal of writing.  Each assignment was clear and concise and offered a new challenge. Most importantly, the assignments were written in a way that I felt Michael Collins was speaking directly to me. That helped bridge the online divide. Also, he was always available for assistance and feedback.”

"I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for Michael Collins’ online poetry workshop. But I am unbelievably grateful that I did. Throughout this six week course I was able to explore multiple styles, forms and themes in my poems. The feedback I received from both Michael and from the other poets was incredibly helpful, and allowed me to develop a better sense of critique when it comes to my own writing. Great class. Great teacher. Would recommend."

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